Our ability to color our world!



Sitting in the quiet of my basement….. at a great table made from a part of a bowling alley many years ago.  A part of my past, memories of my dad sitting in the basement at this very table creating works of art with glass – stained glass creations that he made with his own hands.  A time for him to be himself, creating beautiful works that I and many others still cherish and enjoy even today.

Now, it is my turn to sit at this table in the basement of my house, creating works of what I call art.  Some of these pieces are very simple, using melted crayons or splatter paint to create a background for simple sayings on artist canvas, other pieces made with words that have meaning to me, puzzle pieces forming shapes, and cards made with a variety of art mediums including colored pencils, markers or photographs taken of favorite places. These creations have been inspired by many.  Sisters, friends, co-workers, family and individuals of all abilities have helped color, create, design and make beautiful groupings of alphabet letter cards that are in a variety of seasonal colors for others. It is an artist’s touch to share thoughts, ideas ...


……….and greetings for those that would enjoy a hand-written beauty, and fun seasonal creations.           

Quiet….creating…..transforming thoughts ideas, hopes and dreams. I hope to continue to share this with others.  Feeling good about an accomplishment and sharing it with others.  Whether we create art or a skill just for our own well-being, gaining more skills, enlightening someone’s ideas of our abilities, or just for a moment to have a pleasant experience and feel connections with ourselves and maybe others.  To feel that self-satisfaction is a wonderful feeling I believe. Not only in the basement at that memory filled table, but maybe in another special part of home or wherever……even in the kitchen. Smell that aroma and memories fill the room. 



As I sat with few of my friends at the group home this weekend, a great conversation was happening between us exploring leisure choices and options.  I learn a few new interests of theirs every time we have these conversations.   And as we explored a lengthy list, they too were finding that OH!! Maybe there ARE a few more choices out there, and maybe we can find a piece of these activities that will meet their expectations and allow them to interact with others if they choose. The “aha moment” was when they were even surprised of the many interests that are available to them……and if we all  just dream a little bit bigger, and try to mold the activity to them with their interests no matter how small or big.  When we find the “just right” task/activity the creative juices just flow and we can witness that sense of being accomplished.  A piece of their world shining just a bit brighter.  Providing a greater color to their world.



Or…..maybe just finding an activity that they can enjoy in the quiet of their own special space like mine in the basement sitting at table that was once used by my dad……or in the kitchen.  You choose where to find your space……Your A Place 2B ME!   Thoughts…..ideas……transforming our lives forward with our own unfiltered ideas, and creativity!!




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