I just read this and thought.......YES!!!!! 

“Play is the highest form of research"  ~ Albert Einstein

What is the definition of play?  According to a google search of definition....

“Play is actively engaging in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.”

Ok then ......let's think about this for a moment.  Isn't that what we should be feeling often?  I think so!!  I think many folks think of play as kids stuff.  But.....really we ALL need to find forms of play that will engage us, allow us to remove ourselves from the daily wear and tear of life, just have fun, and allow the kid in all of us to come out.

Several years ago, I took a class "Visioncircles" as part of the Brain Gym curriculum.  I have used many of the strategies, suggestions etc. from that class in my daily life and Occupational Therapy practice. While in the class,  had to write down a goal for ourselves.  That is very common in many classes that I/we take. Well, as I was sitting here starting to type and thinking about what to write, I looked up and saw a card that I filled out from that class.  I have saved it for many years and use it as a reminder, nudge of encouragement and an affirmation for myself at times.

The card reads:

~Acceptance of the real me and to allow that person - the playful person to come out~

That was a vision I had then.....and it is still true today!! There it is again -  the word PLAY - be playful.  

How lucky I am as an Occupational Therapist….Brain Gym Instructor AND Rhythmic Movement consultant….. to use PLAY in many forms every day to achieve functional outcomes for the students and clients that I work with AND to be able to share with so many!  Engaging in chosen, meaningful and fun tasks allow us to achieve in ways that we sometimes think are not possible! We can surprise ourselves in many ways when engaging in a leisure, fun, playful experience. Many children engage in this playful manner without expectation, goals, objectives, fear etc.  I often refer to this as "KID POWER".  This is the moment, that as a parent you often take that OMG response, and find the child engaging in activities that could be considered "on the edge" of maybe safety. 

How many folks do you know that participate in those extreme sports or risky activities?  WOW is that not high form of PLAY??  It seems it starts out that way for many, then progresses to a greater challenge and then maybe competitive structure.  But, when fully engaged in that extreme task, you will often see the pleasure and being lost in the moment.  


So……let’s ALL take the time to PLAY and be in KID POWER!!



The climb to the top...........AWESOMENESS!!

The climb to the top...........AWESOMENESS!!