Looking ahead

There is so much running through my head after a thought filled day reaching out to many of many ages.  It was truly a day to listen to others as they are searching for their “A Place 2B ME”.

Thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and disappointments. And from parents, the same and a sense of feeling lost/overwhelm. This was part of what was expressed today.  As I was representing  A Place 2B Me, Inc. I got to ask this question to many.  What is leisure to you? 

Well, there sure are many different answers to that question!

It was enjoyable and bittersweet listening to parents and young adults discuss just this very topic.

As my friend just sent me a message in looking back and reflecting on our day.  “It was both wonderful and bittersweet.  It was wonderful to connect with so many people.  Bittersweet to hear their stories of loneliness.”

Today, for me, I was blessed with the opportunity to make connection with others and share my dream for A Place 2B ME. I know, as I have been reminded that this is a journey, one which I am feeling more drive and passion to accomplish.

I want to continue to move forward, achieve goals and fulfill aspirations for many!