Beginning of summer FUN 2018!

Summer fun 2018 has begun!

Summer fun 2018 has begun!

Summer can be many things.  For some, it is a chance to relax, recharge the body.  For  us with A Place 2B ME, it is a time to make new connections and have FUN!!  We have started out the summer with some fun making connections with some great teenagers.  These individuals may all have some type of disability, but creating connections, learning new skills and just having plain old ordinary fun is what it is all about.  

Through "fun", we are working on following directions, making correct choices, waiting our turn, being a friend, making new friends, and being accepted for who we are.  Through learning and practice using the  tools, strategies and our abilities will help us as we move forward in school and towards employment.  

As adults who are supporting our mission, help the folks with modeling, adapting the tools and strategies, and being a mentor and friend.  All have so much fun and learn so much through this process. 

Activities such as painting rocks and making slime are just the start of summer adventures for A Place 2B ME. 

We will be sharing more as the summer fun continues.