Leisure Skills

A Place 2B ME believes all people have unique gifts and bring value to their communities. With thought tested practices, A Place 2B ME assists individuals with finding, understanding and expanding on choices for leisure-based skills that are of interest to them. As the conversation around purposeful activities is expanding to include new voices, A Place 2B ME is able to assist individuals with exploring their choices for leisure.  We work to adapt and modify activities of choice to overcome environmental and structural limitations. Through participation in group and individual activities we support YOUR creativity to shine providing positive experiences for life - your full occupation! Through leisure-based skills, A Place 2B ME works to expand opportunities for friendship through building an inclusive community.

Occupational Skills

“Occupation” is a term used for many chosen tasks.  Whether it is employment, work, a trade, a vocation, your calling or your craft, basic tools and abilities are needed to obtain and complete these skills.  At A Place 2B ME, through the use of a proven framework of practices, we use personalized approaches to help guide our clients in the development of an individual plan, create reachable goals and objectives, and develop desired outcomes. A Place 2B ME provides individuals with learning opportunities, helps you find collaborative opportunities, and support the development of necessary work skills.   

Independent Living Support

Through guided training, an individual can develop the necessary skills to be more successful in independent living and personal decision making. We know that maximizing participation in daily living by the completion of tasks as independently as possible is critical to feeling comfortable in the client’s life.  Our team knows the importance of developing strategies that feel meaningful to that individual.  These can include advocating for their individual needs, guiding others in their care, and providing support to allow independent decision making in daily living.