Create....being creative........guess for me that's A Place 2B ME!  Whether it is coloring, drawing, creating with pictures, puzzles etc, it makes me feel like I can be creative and create something that I feel good about.  Well, maybe when I am done, after making many mistakes along the way!  But for me, that continues to help me with the process.  Just taking time for me, thinking of how these ideas can help others, and creating  a chance to make connections with individuals and groups of neurodiverse  folks.  My hopes and dreams are that I can  help others which will allow them to find their creative side too!!  Wouldn't that be spectacular?  I sure think so!!  It makes me feel good when I share an idea and I get a response "Cool", and when the other person states "I can do more!"  (with a smile on their face) .  That shows continued interest and a feeling of acceptance from me to that individual.  Like we are helping the individual find their  " A Place 2B ME".  As a good friend of mine often replies when a task or skill is completed with satisfaction: "This warms her heart!"  When I am in the "zone" and helping others find their "zone", it warms my heart too and makes me really feel good. This increases my desire to do more.  So....onto more creating!!  


Many of the creations will be available  for purchase at upcoming craft fairs.  This is a great way to help and support those that are finding their creative space through A Place 2B ME.  

We are all a small piece of a very large puzzle and finding the way to fit together. It is an adventure  finding our individual comfortable A Place 2B ME space.

We are all a small piece of a very large puzzle and finding the way to fit together. It is an adventure  finding our individual comfortable A Place 2B ME space.


We ALL need to believe!!  We need to believe in ourselves and in others to attain our goals now and in the future!

Well, Cleveland fans we now can really say we believed and it happened!!!

I was thinking how all of this relates to A Place 2B ME.  Hmmm...first, I think we all need a place to be "ME".  We need to find out who we are......and also work on who we are.  This is especially important for those who have been told throughout their lives who they are or what they should be.  They too want to find  their place 2B "ME".  When we then know who "the ME is"  it seems to be much easier to figure who "WE" are and how it can all fit together. 

I was thinking back to when I was in high school, and playing the trombone in the high school band.  That participation was so helpful for find 'ME".  I was able to try hard, excel at times, be recognized for my accomplishments, stand out as an individual but.....also be a part of a group and know what my role was.  If I tried to stand out at the wrong time....only thinking about my personal needs,  the group would not work as a whole but falter and not be what the director had intended it to be.  When the expectations were clear, whether by myself or within the group we all could feel good for what we had accomplished. Now look at the CAVS.....they had to know that they individually were exceptional but together they have brought the championship to the city of CLEVELAND.

So....what about how this relates to A Place 2B ME??   What my hopes and dreams are is that folks can find themselves through exploring many different strategies, supports, following a new path, stretching themselves in their abilities to find the "ME" that is in all of us, and just feel good about themselves!!  To be recognized and accepted for the "ME"that you are.  But......find even more, that you are more than that and can be  part of a group, an endeavor of your choosing and have a greater outlook for your future.

Trust in your abilities even when there is doubt.  Stay calm and focused, remember the path that was established.  Be in the moment, and savor that feeling when you have accomplished even the smallest feat!  That can be the beginning of greatness for anyone.  Whether it is a small accomplishment or on a larger scale like the CAVS, you/we can all feel proud of success. 

Doesn't that sound exciting and invigorating??  It does for me! I hoping it does for you too!!


So....stay focused.....stay calm......use the tools that you have been given and let's enjoy the experiences ahead.  Lily (my dog) says don't worry  we got is GOOD!


Using a strategy we call Brain Gym Hook Ups!  She finds this so natural.  Let's all find the natural tools that we have to help ourselves.  

Using a strategy we call Brain Gym Hook Ups!  She finds this so natural.  Let's all find the natural tools that we have to help ourselves.  

First Friday Fun Night: Night of Discovery




          First Friday Fun Night:  An Evening of Discovery!


That is was for sure!  Small group, but we all learn from everyone.  We ALL have so much to share!

We started by just taking some time to just feel comfortable, and socialize as we felt compelled to do.  For some, it meant for others to help start the conversation, wait a bit after asking a question or starting a thought.  That is what I so want for many of the folks I come in contact with….The “PAUSE” or time to wait.  It is ok to say I need a moment.

It is ok to not have an answer right away.  Ideas, aspirations will come within your own time….not those imposed by others.  Wait……you can almost see the ideas being generated in those beautiful brains.  Wait…..don’t answer for them, they might just tell you NO, that’s not what I want or intended to say. 

To feel the relaxed atmosphere for those to just be themselves….we got to talk about finding the “ME”.  Who is that person, what are there choices and interests? By completing a leisure inventory, we found that many had desires and interests that would be so much fun to develop. 

With the expertise of those in attendance to support, nurture, nudge and encourage, I feel that we were able to accomplish what we set out to do!  We provided an opportunity for discovery.  This will continue to develop through continued leisure opportunities and participation.

Looking forward to our next few gatherings:

Join us as we meet up and watch the Duck Tape Festival parade Avon, OH June 18, 2016.  

The parade starts at Avon High School and continues to Veterans Memorial Park.

Oberlin Chalk Walk  Saturday June 25, 2016      10am – 4pm. 

A Place 2B ME will find a good space to share and create fun art with chalk on the sidewalk. We might even have an artist join us to help us be creative!!


For more information OR to let me know that you will be joining us for one of the events –



Looking forward to some summer fun!